Our vitivinicultural business, by its very nature, could never be moved anywhere else and has a considerable economic impact on our land and soil. It creates direct employment on our members' farms and within the winery itself as well as indirect employment through all our partners and suppliers. The sustainability of our winegrowers' farms is therefore the cornerstone of our overall strategy.
This is achieved in 2 ways:

Improving the remuneration per hectare

There are two essential elements that ensure the profitability of a farm; the quality of the products and the farm yield.
Product quality is in the most part, achieved by the vineyard and the remuneration we pay to the winegrowers is directly related to the quality of the grapes they supply. From our side, we provide them with technical support to help them further develop their operation.
There are many challenges for winemakers. They must optimize their yields which are naturally very low in our wine territories. They must continually monitor the level of quality in their production. And finally we ask them to commit to following procedures that respect the environment.
Fortunately, the reward is there, because our wines, and those of Roussillon in general, are increasingly recognized by consumers and advocates alike.

Developing our sales

We carry between 45 and 50% of our turnover in direct sales to individual customers, restaurants and wine merchants. This direct link is important because it allows us to continue to grow and adapt our production to meet our consumers’ expectations.