Our key stakeholders are our winegrowers and our employees. Their needs and expectations of the cooperative are different but each is essential for the operation to run effectively. In return, the cooperative is responsible for all parties concerned.
All the parties are brought together through this connection and are united at the core of the business, sharing its values and its products ....The concept of this connection is as important to us as our customers. Maintaining this strong link between us through our products and our high quality of service is therefore essential.

Health and safety at work

From the wine cellars to the sales office, all services have been set up under the expert eye of MSA prevention and ergonomic advisors. A series of measures to improve working conditions has been produced from these studies.

Combating noise pollution :

  •  Identifying areas of noise risk
  •  Relocating compressors
  •  Phonic insulation in the centrifuge area
  •  Customized moulded ear plugs and protective equipment
  •  Office refurbishment to reduce the impact of open spaces

Improve posture / combat back pain

  • Purchase of a specific trolley for order preparation
  • Purchase of ergonomic chairs
  • Reorganization of the Bag In Box (conveyor)
  • Trial of ergonomic mice and angled workstations to make computer input easier

Each year, risk prevention training is organized.

  • CO² Risk Awareness
  • Awareness of the risks associated with crossing pedestrian flows/vehicles and lane markings on protected areas
  • Training for seasonal workers in using lift trucks
  • Training for handling chemical products in the winery (soda and chlorine)

Risk prevention also applies to our winegrowers:

  • Awareness of the importance of wearing individual protective equipment when using pesticides.
  • 'Certiphyto' training of X% of members
  • MSA Operation at the point of grape supply in 2 ways: Screening for hearing and vision problems, and security/signaling/vehicle lighting.

Service and support for our winegrowers

We listen carefully to our winegrowers and regularly meet up with them to keep them informed about the cooperative business. General meetings and information update meetings are held throughout the year.
What's more the cooperative service is available to them on a daily basis for technical and administrative support. There is also a monthly newsletter to keep winegrowers up to date as well as a quarterly newsletter for both members and employees alike.

Sponsored Events: The winegrowers share their passion

These events are designed to work closely with our team responsible for promoting and selling our wines in our production area. They define the overall event plan for the year, and work with our winemaking colleagues to launch these events. Themed wine-tastings, walks in the vineyard, tours of the winery ... just a few of the many opportunities for us to express and share the passion that drives our business.