Who are we ?

Arnaud de Villeneuve is a wine cooperative offering one of the most exquisite ranges of Roussillon wines.

The cooperative – a winemaking business

Cooperatives were first introduced to this region at the beginning of the twentieth century and, far from being old-fashioned, today they are truly modern operations. We constantly review and ensure the quality expected by our customers by keeping in direct contact with them and in recent years we have taken their environmental and social concerns into consideration. The values of the cooperative: Our business plan is based on solidarity, fairness, transparency, responsibility and trust.
Our winegrowers are voluntary members and manage their own vineyards. They define their individual level of demand on a daily basis while at the same time sharing the ambitions and objectives set by the Arnaud de Villeneuve brand.
This is our real strength.

Our winegrowers

There are 300 winegrowers who operate in a total of just over 2,000 hectares of vineyards. Each of them have their own history and unique connection to their land and their work. They manage their vineyards in line with our required specifications and with the help and support of our wine technician.

Thierry BECEIRO is the winemaking technician for the winery. He is the link between the farms and the winemakers. His father, Eugène, managed the wine production in Salses for over 30 years and his aunt, Eliane, is a winegrower and actively participates in the management of the cooperative. They are deeply connected to their land and the need for the highest quality of work. They have a real understanding of the importance of working together collectively and this has been passed on through the generations.


Anne TIXIER has been in charge of our team of winemakers since 2009. She is assisted by 2 oenologists (ICV), Hélène TEIXIDOR for dry winemaking and Laurent DURET for Vins Doux Naturels. She is also surrounded by a team of cellar men led by Franck Lopez, the cellar master. Anne has a close working relationship with Thierry BECEIRO, our wine technician. She works alongside him on tracking the characteristics of the vintage and its development. Together they carefully select plots to ensure the best results for the coming harvest. Our winemaking equipment is amongst the best available. It enables us to work in the best conditions to produce, as precisely as possible, the greatest potential of each selection. By continually improving this process we can develop wines that meet the expectations of our customers.

Our story

Cave coopérative Arnaud de Villeneuve most of 1909… 

Our story