Cellar of Rivesaltes
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Salses : Winegrowers in front of the large oak casks
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The Cellar of Arnaud de Villeneuve brings together some 350 wine growers who operate an area of more than 2500 hectares of vineyards. These wine growers are the descendants of the men and women who, from the start of the XXth century, have formed cooperatives in their villages to share their expertise and their hopes for the future.

Arnaud de Villeneuve was founded in 2007 through a merger of the Cooperatives of Rivesaltes and Salses. This venture is a part of the on-going development of this story. The winery is situated at a point where the vineyards meet on the Rivesaltes territory. At Arnaud de Villeneuve we believe that wine should have a character and authenticity where it has been developed and of the philosophy of those who have produced it. A sense of the place and the soil that tells the story of a land – a land of wines

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